Choosing Your Tattoo Artist

Tattooing is an art that involves inserting ink into the skin’s dermis layer to form a design that is permanently embedded on the skin. Since this process is permanent in nature and often placed in a part of the body where it can be visible, choosing the artist to do it for you is a crucial decision.

Most tattoo artists will claim to be skilled and professional, but only their work will prove the truth of their claims. Since a tattoo is something that is easy to get but not to undo, it really is very hard to choose a tried and tested tattoo artist to work on giving you your dream tattoo at a cost that is also not too easy on the budget. You want to be 100% sure that they are talented and skillful enough because this is the only way to get the perfectly executed tattoo.

To be able to tell if a tattoo artist is a real pro or just a rookie pretending to be a pro, you must do your homework before blindly walking into a tattoo artist’s studio.

unique tattoo

Research, research, research.

You can never be too careful and obsessive about researching about the possible tattoo artist to work on your design. Remember that you want to get value for money and don’t want to have any regrets. Research on the artists that you know and make sure you get a lot of feedback to base your decision on. If you have any friends who are inked, ask for their experiences regarding an artist. Was he professional in performing his service? Is his studio clean and his tools hygienic? Would they go back to him for another tattoo? These are some questions you might ask them, and you should be receiving positive reviews if you want to consider an artist to work on your skin. If you don’t personally know anyone who had themselves inked, try the internet. A reputable artist should have at least a website or Facebook page to advertise his craft. Look for feedback from previous customers. If the positive feedbacks are abounding and the negative ones are little to nonexistent, take note of that artist and consider their services.

Be On the Lookout

Check out their portfolio. A portfolio is a compilation of their completed jobs in the past. It would show you how simple or complex their designs were, if they were able to execute them with accuracy, if the designs are varied and well, pleasing to the eyes. When looking at their portfolio, consider the following:

Portfolio presentation. Is it clean and well kept? Obviously you will want to be sure the artist observes personal cleanliness as well. Are the pictures clear and the designs visible enough? How the portfolio is presented speaks a lot about the artist himself. A professionally made portfolio tells you that the artist cares about his craft and is proud of the works that he has done, as evidenced by the photos in his book.

Design gallery. Are the designs appealing? If you were to choose from them, would you be able to pick several that you definitely want inked on you? While what is appealing to you might be uninteresting to others, it all depends on personal taste. The important thing is, would you sport this artist’s designs? Also, are the designs executed beautifully, without visible flaws and juxtaposed on the ideal position? These designs should be able to tell a rookie from an experienced tattoo artist.

Clientele. From the artist’s portfolio, can you tell that he has had a reputable number of clients, who should be able to give some feedback on their work. Check out a few of his clients and see whether you can ask about their experience with the artist you are interested in. Nothing beats client feedback when it comes to something as drastic as getting inked.

Making the Right Choice

While it is always the risk-taker who will want to get himself inked, it is still best to be careful and thoughtful in deciding where to get your ink done. A professional artist will always be the better choice over a rookie one, even if they charge a bit more if you are sure to get your money’s worth with an experienced tattoo artist, then it definitely is worth the extra charge.

The Make Up Artist

A make up artist is an artist who works mostly with another person’s face and body in order to enhance, beautify, and highlight their features with the use primarily of makeup. Today, makeup artists are a major part of such industries as the entertainment industry, the beauty industry, modeling industry, photography, television, events such as weddings, etc.

In order to start a career as a make-up artist, training in the basics is a must. Doing make-up is not simply putting on whatever product you choose to put on a person’s face. It is both a skill and an art form, involving techniques in contouring, application, etc. Since it is a major component of the fashion industry, makeup artists have to be updated on the latest trends in looks, style and techniques. A person who desires to be a professional makeup artist must then be constantly learning and adapting to the latest in the industry.

Makeup artists are trained, not born.

If you think that this is the career for you, but don’t know how to go about actually becoming one, here are some simple steps to help you nail it.

Train for it.

Makeup courses are often short term courses to help you understand the basics techniques, tools, and skills in makeup application. Seek to be trained by leading makeup artists in your area. A certification from qualified mentors will give you an edge in this career.

Select an area of specialization.

Makeup artists often have a specific area of concentration. Bridal make up, for example, specializes in makeup for weddings. Fashion makeup specializes in make up for magazine shoots, fashion shows, etc. and are usually more glamorous and dramatic. Concentrate on your area of specialization and build your career on this.

Continuous learning is key.

Since makeup is a craft that is consistently evolving along with fashion trends, the artist has to keep learning new techniques, using new tools and developing your skills. Never be content with the basics and always strive to be ahead of the game. This will keep your name always popular among clients, and will help establish your niche. Keep practicing your craft and discovering new techniques to applying makeup, hone your skills and highlight your creativity.

Advertise your craft.

Work on your professional portfolio. Keep a photo of every client you work with, or start by practicing on your volunteer models and take many professional photos. This will showcase your talent and reflect the kind of skill that you possess. It can also be an advantage when you are working with a specific brand, who can use your work to promote their products, at the same time promoting your work too. Advertise your portfolio on your social media accounts to gain more interest and following from prospective clients.

Makeup artists are among the occupations that will never go out of style, as fashion is consistently developing and needing their expertise. Make sure that you have the passion for this career and align yourself with the right people to work with and you will definitely go places in this job.

The Successful Artist’s Secret Formula

In this digital age, practically anyone can be a music artist in an instant. With a musical instrument in one hand and a video recorder (or phone camera) in another, recording a music video and uploading it on YouTube can be the first step to becoming a famous music artist. With over millions of online users , budding artists are getting the exposure they want through this online video sharing community. No wonder that many talents have actually been discovered and gaining popularity without actually being part of the music industry.

Instant Celebrities

Artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Charice Pempengco, Psy, and Arnel Pineda of Journey are among those whose talent got noticed on the internet and later received invitations to perform in the US before a national audience. They shot to fame literally overnight. But the real acid test is, how long will celebrities like them, who earned instant fame, maintain the popularity and celebrity status? Though this is not applicable only to “internet sensations” as these stars are called, but to most of today’s celebrities who have risen to fame via express lane.

Passion, and a Whole Lot More

The secret probably is passion. If an artist is passionate enough about his craft, about his music, then it will translate into music that the fans will patronize. It doesn’t matter if an artist gets to the top overnight, or after many years in the industry, what will determine an artist’s longevity is his passion in expressing his talent through his music.

The right material is also crucial to an artist’s career. No matter how passionate an artist one can get, with the wrong material, the passion will not work its magic. This is why there are music genres and music artists that, when combined together, produce instant hits and chart-toppers. An artist who knows what genre he is good at will start building his career from that point. In some occasions, an artist will be exceptionally talented in more than one music genre, and be able to jump from pop, to jazz, to soul, to reggae, without much effort and still retain a strong following. These are exceptionally talented artists who often find themselves being offered project after project by producers in the industry.

Aside from passion and good material, another factor that works powerfully to an artist’s advantage is professionalism. This is the discipline with which an artist conducts himself in terms of his work, his commitments, and the ability to deliver – and deliver well – what is expected of him. An artist may have tremendous talent and passion for his craft, but without the hallmark character of professionalism, he will not become a favorite with producers, distributors, and sponsors. One can almost predict that his celebrity status will only last for a short period and then they will be relegated to the shadows again.

The Formula for Success

If ever there was a formula for an artist’s success, the above mentioned qualities would definitely be its components. The most veteran celebrities would attest that their longevity in the business is a product of hard work, passion for the craft, the right projects and the right attitude towards work. Plus a dose of good fortune and the right break.